I guess you could say that gardening is a passion of mine!

I have always loved plants, flowers, and nature as a whole. Some of my earliest & fondest memories as a child, were shared with my parents and grandparents, as they instilled a love of nature in me. I loved it then because they loved it…I love it now just because!

“Being able to see the beauty all around us is a special gift, and being able to create beauty all around us is our gift to the world”
Pearl Sanborn

There are so many different gardening styles to choose from, and I can enjoy the different aspects of each one from afar, because each style holds its own form of beauty. But when it comes down to choosing which gardening style to personally surround yourself with, I truly believe that you should only choose a style, because it is the one that “sings to your soul”!

For me, that gardening style is the quintessential cottage garden. Full of fragrance, and teaming with life… exploding with color, blossoms, and beauty… tended naturally, yet left untamed…the cottage garden is the stuff that storybook dreams are made of! 

My goal is to create garden spaces that are filled with life and beauty, and that also invoke a sense of romance and nostalgia, while sharing them with others. 

As you get to know me, you will discover that I am a dreamer with a creative mind, which also allows me, even in the white of winter, to enjoy everyday life in cottage garden color 😉

Pearl Sanborn

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