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But: could I find anyone in Germany to help me create one? That would be a resounding 'nope'.⁠

So I read all the books, obsessed over Monty Don and Alan Titchmarsh and did it by myself. I think it's fair to say I'm entirely self-taught. I literally learnt by doing.

Needless to say, there've been trials, tribulations, successes and failures. Like growing parsley – why does this seem impossible for me? Tips, anyone? The same goes for getting mud out from beneath my fingernails. Any advice other than just painting my fingernails to hide it?

In a nutshell: I'm obsessed with all things cottage gardening. You too?​

Love from My Cottage Garden,


  • Member | Royal Horticultural Society

  • ​Member | Cottage Garden Society

  • Cottage Garden Designer in training

I'm Sarah – Hi! Wife, mother of three boisterous boys, formerly trained in PR and woman obsessed with all things cottage gardens.

I was born in Munich and grew up right next to the (in)famous Hofbräuhaus, in the very centre of town – not a patch of grass or balcony in sight.

We've moved around a bit – from the East Coast of the US (where we fell in love with wooden-clad houses) to France, to Switzerland – and now back home to Germany, near lake Ammersee, to be more precise.

Many years ago, after we finished building our current home, the outside was a hot mess waiting to be turned into a cottage garden. I swear it was! Photographic evidence can be found in the 'Before/After' section.⁠

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