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There's one thing I get asked all the time. That's aside from how to get rid of slugs and snails, which I'll have to write a whole article on one day. So, what do people always want to know about? Privacy screens that work in cottage gardens.

Whether you're looking to block out on an unpleasant view, hide your garden from prying eyes or make things feel a bit cozier – screens offer a sense of security and even provide some protection against harsh weather conditions.

But what kind of privacy screen would be suitable for a romantic cottage garden? How do you find one with the right type of flair?

Happy scrolling!

1. Old doors, window shutters and other wooden features

Charming and very creative. Wooden features such as old doors, window shutters or even cupboard doors look particularly lovely in little nooks and crannies.

You can paint them bright colors or give them a distressed look. You can also add hanging baskets or cover them in ivy. Or, you know, just leave them as they are. I love it!

2. Stone on stone – Dry stone walls (with plants)

Dry stone walls are constructed from layers of stone without using mortar to bind them together. This means that there are lots of little gaps where you can plant romantic wildflowers, which will give your dry stone wall a really natural look. They're relatively easy to build and it's definitely something you can take on as an amateur gardener.

Stone walls built with mortar can also be very pretty. Just make sure to use irregularly shaped pieces of natural stone – the slightly haphazard look will add a touch of romance.

3. Trellises

Whether they're made of wood or metal, trellises are a wonderful way to add some charm to your romantic cottage garden. In terms of plants, they're perfect for ivy (because it's evergreen), clematis, vetches, ramblers or Virginia creeper.

You can even get trellises with inbuilt rectangular planters – perfect for patios or paved areas.

4. Wood piles

Use stacked logs to create a wall to protect you from prying eyes. It's a totally natural solution and it also makes a noise barrier that'll shield you from the wind.

You could even use a stack like this as a room divider. It's perfect if you're trying to design a cozy seating area.

5. Hedges

In terms of design options, hedges are definitely the most versatile way to create a privacy screen in your garden. And you don't have to go for Thuja or yew trees either! It works really well if you combine a bunch of different brightly colored floral shrubs. Lilac, hydrangeas, roses and spiraea are all perfect for this.

Regardless of which plants you choose, you're giving your garden its own, unique style.

A hedge that stays green all winter: ivy

And if you're in a hurry, you can buy a ready-grown hedge whether you're going for beech, ivy or climbing hydrangeas.

6. Flower beds

Of course, you'll need a pretty extravagant flower bed if you want to create a proper privacy screen, but isn't this just the prettiest option?

7. Hazel and Willow Hurdle Fencing

Hazel and willow hurdle fencing is very flexible and versatile. Why not use this natural product to create a natural privacy shield? Only certain types of willow produce a really good weave. Basket willow, purple willow and white willow are all ideal because they're particularly flexible.

If you don't want to make it yourself, you can always buy a ready-made version of one of these fences.

8. Arbors and plant-covered pergolas

An arbor or pergola is perfect if you want to create a sheltered seating area in your garden. At first glance, these look like they only offer protection from the sun, but you can also use them to form the most charming privacy shields. If you plant suitable climbers, such as Virginia creeper, wisteria, climbing roses or honeysuckle, you'll have a lovely little hideaway in no time at all. If you want it to function as a privacy shield all year round, plant evergreen ivy.

I particularly like this arbor that was made using hornbeam.

9. Wooden fences

You can go for either vertical or horizontal wooden planks. It means that a wooden fence can serve as a decorative element in your garden, as well as something that designates the boundary of a specific area. And the best part is that you can cover it with plants!

10. Brick walls

They look the best if you go for old bricks. And it's nice if the bricks are slightly irregular. Better still, you can decorate your wall with an espalier tree – it'll really appreciate the heat stored in the bricks. You could also build a barn window into your wall. Or simply leave a rectangular gap so that you can add a few flower pots.

11. Garden sheds

As practical as they are pretty and you can use a garden shed to block out an unattractive view.

Of course, this means you'll need to pick an attractive shed, but that's all a question of presentation - and taste ;-).


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