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Say Goodbye to Dull Green Gardens!

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Cascading flowers, a riot of color and a simply charmed life – that's my vision. Bye bye dull green-ness and hello blooming abundance!


My mission is to inspire as many people as possible to adjust the way they garden. I'm not about a perfectly organized front yard – far too boring for me. What I want is an explosion of plants and flowers, just like you'd see in an English cottage garden.​ Isn't it glorious?

When I first started, I wanted to bring the enchantment, romance and beautiful messiness of an English cottage garden to my own backyard. I can show you that it isn't more work but actually way more fun, and something that improves your quality of life. Less time weeding, more time (literally) smelling the roses.

Obviously, I know that people have different tastes. I do sometimes wonder though why so many gardens are so boring? 

After all, most of us love the way a bunch of flowers looks in the center of a table, so why are we so restrained when it comes to gardening? It's really not that hard to add a touch of blossoming magic to any garden in just a few simple steps – and it doesn't even have to cost a lot.​

Aesthetics aside... Don't you think we at least owe it to the bees?

And to anybody who says that it's too much work (or that they don't have a green thumb), all I can say is this: it takes way more work to maintain a perfectly manicured lawn than it does to have a thriving flower bed. Provided you pick the right plants, of course!​

I'll show you how easy it is to transform your garden into a blooming paradise, without much effort and on a very purse-friendly budget.

And Hello to a Beautiful Mess

Heading 4

Heading 4

...that's the best way to describe a cottage garden. It's the very definition of nonchalant beauty, combining subtle elegance and untamed wildness. It may be natural but that doesn't mean it isn't sophisticated. And it's this that sets it apart from other gardening styles. In short, cottage gardens make my heart beat faster. 

As soon as the frost has thawed (and I've found time in my busy schedule) nothing can stop me from getting outside and digging, planting, pulling, weeding, savoring and frolicking through my garden. The great thing about a cottage garden is that it CAN (actually it MUST) look a bit wild and chaotic. That's the only way to get it perfect.


Nevertheless, it still needs tender care and passionate devotion. It's only the way it is because I love it so much.


But I still get to spend plenty of time relaxing on my sun lounger...

I have a present for you!

Would you like to know my
21 favourite
must-have low-maintenance
Cottage Garden Plants?

Just click on the picture.

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Photo: Syl Gervais

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